The control of the conservation of the product, while introducing a minimum of preservatives, is a real challenge. We propose to test the formulation and to verify the effectiveness of the conservation for the whole of your preparations: drugs, care products and cosmetics.

The tests are conducted in accordance to the reference standards in force:

  • Eur Ph, chap 5.1.3

  • USP <51>

  • NF EN ISO 11930 and automated challenge test TEMPO®

  • Determination of the period after opening (PAO)

  • Measurement of  Water Activity

The laboratory also offers the opportunity to test your products on your interests strains (customers or reference).

ACM Pharma is equally responsible for evaluating the microbiological risk of your formulations on the basis of main criteria: pH, Aw, chemical composition. The evaluation of the microbiological risk is conducted in conformity with the expectations of the standard NF ISO 29621:2011.