In order to give our customer additional service, ACM Pharma has developed the possibility to consult online data concerning their accounts using a secure site and also providing  them with login and password.

This Web module allows at any time and from any workstation connected to the internet, in France or abroad: 

To submit your requests for on-line analyses,

- To view the list of samples submitted for analysis and the work progress,

- To consult the latest versions of reports with results

- To edit documents, such as the applicable quotation, the rate grids or the analytical specification.

 If you are already a customer and you have access:

Please click on this link for direct access:

For more information or to obtain access (ACM Pharma reserved the rights for customer only)

Please contact us at:

Terms of use

Access to and use of this service is subject to terms and conditions set out in the document, to download: click here.